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We solve Real Estate Problems!

  • Little or No Equity?

  • Upside Down?

  • Behind on Payments?

  • Relocating?

  • Divorce?

  • Illness?

  • Facing Foreclosure?

Florida First Properties has helped dozens and dozens of families--just like you.

We pride ourselves in turning “bad” situations into “win-win” situations.

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to GAIN!

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Below are some programs that might fit your your circumstances:
“Cash in 72 hours” program
“Full Price” program
“Lease Purchase” program
“TOP” (take over payment) program

If you don’t see one here, call us so we can talk more.  You can schedule your free and confidential consultation!

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Florida First Properties, Inc is a Tampa Bay local real estate investment company

with 30+ years of industry experience.

We live and work in your neighborhood.

We pride ourselves offering


Ask yourself these questions . . .

Can I save my credit?
Can I make my next mortgage payment?
Should I make my next payment?
Is my hard earned money being thrown into a bad investment?
Do I want to stay in this house?
Why isn’t my house selling?
Am I tired of struggling each and every month?
Am I ready to let go and move on?

If you answered “yes” to any of these ... Contact us for a free consultation.